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Please read before posting!
« on: December 02, 2004, 04:57:13 PM »
This forum was created so that any member can advertise an anime/manga-related event in their area, in the hopes of recruiting help or just getting more people to come! To that end, we would like to impose some formatting guidelines, to help people viewing your announcement to find the information they need. Please read these guidelines carefully, as sloppy or vague posts may be deleted, if a Senior Staffer feels that nobody can figure out what you're trying to advertise!

For starters, please title your post:
Event Name: Date, Location

Include the following information in your post:
  • Event Name
  • Location (be specific, provide directions if needed)
  • Dates and Times
  • Entrance Fees (if any)
  • Contact Information -- Do you need a ride? Want to share a hotel room? Are you in charge, or do you know who is? Leave some contact info in case people have further questions!
  • A Description of the Event -- Be specific! What's going on? Why would people want to go? Are you having vendors? Screenings? Cosplay events?
We hope this new forum will be useful to you, have fun!
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