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Please read before posting!
« on: December 02, 2004, 05:17:14 PM »
Please DO NOT become a board member just to post in this forum!
This is a fanlistings message board, not a goods/trading board, and this forum exists as a convenience to active board members ONLY. Anyone signing up here just to post in this forum will be warned or banned, and their topic deleted upon discovery.

This forum was created so that existing members can advertise anime/manga-related goods they are selling, either privately or on auction! To that end, we would like to impose some formatting guidelines, to help people viewing your announcement to find the information they need. Please read these guidelines carefully, as sloppy or vague posts may be deleted, if a Senior Staffer feels that nobody can figure out what you're trying to advertise!

For starters, please title your post:
Auction / Trade / Direct Sale : Type of Goods, Series

Include the following information in your post:
  • Auction, Trade or Direct Sale? (What type of transaction is it?)
  • Series, Manufacturer or Publisher. (ex: One Piece DVD, Ribon furoku, Bandai models)
  • Type of Goods. (ex: Pull-pack cards, gashapon, shitajiki)
  • Price and Payment Methods Accepted.
  • If an auction, please provide a link to the auction, and the ending date.
  • If a trade, please provide links to your trade/extras/want lists -- try not to post them here unless absolutely necessary..!!
  • Your contact information. Don't forget to mention how to get in touch with you if interested! Include an email address where people can contact you for further details, or to complete a transaction.
ABSOLUTELY NO BOOTLEG PRODUCTS ALLOWED. This is to protect you, your buyer and ourselves from legal action. Any topics found to contain bootleg items will be deleted, and the poster will be warned.

Please note: The Anime Fanlistings Network is not responsible for loss of money or items, or any complications resulting from any transaction advertised in this forum. This forum is for advertising purposes only, and all transactions are taken at your own risk. Caveat emptor!

We hope this new forum will be useful to you, have fun!
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Please read before posting!
« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2006, 12:42:58 PM »
[bumps] Policy update. :x;


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